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Midnight Blue Leather Belt w/ Decorative SS Buckle

SKU: 1334
  • Only size 34" is available.*  Midnight blue water buffalo leather belt; Custom dyed; 1 1/4" strap width; Decorative stainless steel center bar buckle; Seven adjustment holes spaced 3/4" apart.  The center hole is 34".

    *See SKU: 1303 for this style belt in size 38".


    Please note that the pants size is often smaller than the belt size needed.  For example, if your pants size is 36" and you order a 36" belt, it will be too small.  A 38"

    or 40" belt would be a good choice. 


    Belt sizing:

    Option 1:

    An easy way to know the size belt you need is to take a belt you wear, lay it flat on any surface, and measure from the end of the buckle (NOT where the leather wraps around) to the hole/holes you are currently wearing it in. In the case of an uneven number/in-between measurement, choose the next size up.


    Option 2: 

    You may use a soft tape measure and place it around your waist where you would like your belt to rest and choose the correponding belt size.


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