This lead offers a fair amount of strength but is designed for training in a controlled environment.  Please note that it is not an "every day walk your dog lead."

Dark Chestnut Slip Lead (5/16" x 45")

SKU: 658
  • Dark chestnut "English" bridle leather slip lead with leather stop; 5/16" x 45" overall length; Lightweight leather; Black edges; Hand stitched; 3-finger handle; Solid brass O-ring


    I hand sew with a traditional harness stitch method using needles, thread, and a diamond awl.


    The ends of the leather are skived at the snap and at the handle. Skiving, or feathering, the ends of a strap gives a smooth and finished look but is also an important part of a good design, without which the leather will tend to flex overly much at a given point, causing the weak link in the chain.