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Black Leather Belt w/ Brass and Stainless Buckle

SKU: 1324
  • Only size 40 3/4" is available.  1 1/4" wide black water buffalo leather belt; Solid brass roller buckle with stainless steel tongue; Leather keeper; Brass rivets; Seven adjustment holes spaced 3/4" apart.

    The center hole is 40 3/4".


    Please note that the pants size is often smaller than the belt size needed.  For example, if your pants size is 36" and you order a 36" belt, it will be too small.  A 38"

    or 40" belt would be a good choice. 


    Belt sizing:

    Option 1:

    An easy way to know the size belt you need is to take a belt you wear, lay it flat on any surface, and measure from the end of the buckle (NOT where the leather wraps around) to the hole/holes you are currently wearing it in. In the case of an uneven number/in-between measurement, choose the next size up.


    Option 2: 

    You may use a soft tape measure and place it around your waist where you would like your belt to rest and choose the correponding belt size.


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