This collar is constructed of the absolutely best materials. However, for me this collar's unusual color tones are what make this piece a one-of-a-kind work of art. If your dog is tight coated, muscular, bold, and steadfast in nature, it's time for the final touch!

Clear Night (Fits 17 1/2"-19" neck)

SKU: 168
  • Tooled "polished" burnt umber "English" bridle leather buckle collar; Texas star conchos, stainless steel spots, and stainless steel roller buckle and

    D-ring; Faux stitching along edges; Hand stitching bordering the adjustment holes only; 1 1/2" width tapering to 1 1/4"; Fits 17 1/2" - 19" neck


    I hand sew with a traditional harness stitch method using needles, thread, and a diamond awl.


    For sizing, place a flexible tape measure around your dog’s neck in the place you would like the collar to rest, and pull it to the appropriate snugness, taking note of the measurement.  Be careful to avoid fingers under the measuring tape.


    If you have a collar that fits well, you may buckle it on the hole your dog is currently using and take a measurement of the INNER circumference, NOT around the outer perimeter of the collar.