This is a hefty swivel slip lead with a warm and broken in look.  There's a lot of leather here but not to fear; it has a very mellow temper.  The beauty of a swivel slip is that your dog can make turns and not twist up the leash causing you to release the handle for adjustment. 

3/4"+ Weathered Walnut Harness Leather Swivel Slip Lead

SKU: 675
  • Weathered walnut harness leather swivel slip lead; 3/4"+ width (Actual 13/16"); Heavyweight leather; Grooved edges; Nickel brass rivet and copper burr studs; Solid brass swivel and O-ring; 25" head with 64" overall length - Note: The head size given is the inner circumference of the neck piece that will fit over the stated head measurement.


    The ends of the leather are skived at the snap and at the handle. Skiving, or feathering, the ends of a strap gives a smooth and finished look but is also an important part of a good design, without which the leather will tend to flex overly much at a given point, causing the weak link in the chain.