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This is a rough-and-tumble collar for a rough-and-tumble dog.  It's rugged character will only be enhanced with wear, so put it on your buddy and let him play.  Please remember there is NO adjustment with this collar.

18 3/4" Studded Light Brown Side Release Collar

SKU: 539
  • Studded light brown leather side release buckle collar; Russet harness leather with light brown overdye; 1 1/4" tapered to 1";

    1" polished nickel plated metal side release buckle; Double row of stainless steel rivet studs; Hand stitched at stainless steel

    D-ring; 18 3/4" inner circumference


    I hand sew with a traditional harness stitch method using needles, thread, and a diamond awl.


    The collar measurement is rounded to the nearest 1/4".  There is NO adjustment on this collar.  This collar can be worn down on the neck, mid-neck, or high on the neck if more control is desired.


    For sizing, place a flexible tape measure around your dog’s neck in the place you would like the collar to rest, and pull it to the appropriate snugness, taking note of the measurement.  Be careful to avoid fingers under the measuring tape.


    If you have a collar that fits well, you may buckle it on the hole your dog is currently using and take a measurement of the INNER circumference, NOT around the outer perimeter of the collar.

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