The finest handcrafted leather products for you and your best friend.

Tooled leather buckle dog collar
Braided, hand stitched "English" bridle leather training dog collar
Leather chain martingale dog collar with black lacing, concho, and stainless steel 3 ring assembly chain
Handmade, hand stitched leather tag collar with stainless steel O-ring
Handmade, hand stitched leather dog leash with solid brass bolt snap and solid brass O-ring
Decorative, handmade leather tab martingale dog collar with tooling, black lacing, Celtic concho, stainless steel spots
Handcrafted chestnut "English" bridle leather flat martingale collar with hand stitched tab and stainless steel O-rings
Tooled leather dog collar with metal side release buckle
Leather bracelet with stainless steel O-ring

To achieve a proper fit, measuring is critical.  Follow our instructions, and you will be on your way!