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Is the leather you use soft?

The quality leathers I work with are smooth and supple but not soft in the sense of spongy or stretchy.  They all break in quickly and very well under normal use.

How do I care for my new leather product?

You do not need to do anything to preserve your new collar or leash. If your leash is dirty, wiping it down with a damp cloth and then applying a little hand cream can be helpful. Please avoid oiling your leather product.

What is the best leather for handling water, sun, and salt?

Harness leather, with its infusion of tallows and greases and a good top coat of wax, is the most durable of the leathers I use.

What are the advantages of hand stitching?

Hand stitching is superior to machine stitching in strength and durability. The entire stitch row is one continuous thread, not two which has an upper and lower thread with a simple lock stitch. The stitches can be maintained in equal length while the leather is tapering. Stitches can be pulled tighter or left looser, depending on the desired result.


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