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Custom Orders

Custom orders are easy and mainly what we do.  Generally a short phone conversation is all it takes.  Please look at our "Measuring" page.  Getting the correct measurement(s) is time well spent and appreciated.  Coming up with and settling on the specifics can be a fun and satisfying endeavor.  I look forward to speaking with you.

Tooled collar w/ hand stitched liner
Three Reflections
The Knight's Collar
Hand stitched rolled buckle collar
Royal Ring
Tooled collars w/ Swarovski crystals
Golden brown leather w/ black lacing
Golden brown collar
Tooled Sighthound Collar with Swarovski Crystals and Texas Star Conchos
Tooled Red Mahogany Chain Martingales ($48)
Tooled Red Mahogany Chain Martingale with Teal Swarovski Crystals
Tooled Red Mahogany Chain Martingale
Tooled Cherry Chain Martingale
Under the Stars
Showing Off
Medium Brown Harness Leather Chain Martingale Collar
Mr. Jones Collar - Tooled Rose Brown with Celtic Knot Concho
Mr. Jones Collar - Dark Brown with Celtic Concho and Sapphire Swarovski Crystals -
Chain Martingale with Side Release Buckle
Adjustable Chain Martingale
Braided training collar
Hand Stitched Leather Training Collar
Black Braided Tag Collar with Snap
Snap-choke training collar
Limited slip collar
3/8" Golden Brown Tag Collar
Rich brown harness leather
Golden Brown Hand Stitched Lead
Autumn Wheat Space Braided Leash
3/8" x 6' Black Braided Leash ($90)
3/8" Black Space Braided Leash
Hand Stitched Slip Lead
Show Collar/Show Lead Combination
3/8" Police Lead w/ stainless steel  ($80)
10' Lead  ($75 - $80)
Lure Coursing Lead  ($85)
Tooled Tan Martingale Lead ($70)
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