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Master’s Pride is a home-based custom leatherworking business located in Newport, NH which started in April of 1996. At first, I created leather goods for my own purposes. In seeing my work, friends and acquaintances thought my products were something they would like for themselves. Having a great love for dogs and a desire to create handsome and useful dog gear, I decided to pursue selling my work at dog shows and competitions, opening up a door to many connections among dog owners, handlers, breeders, and trainers. The majority of my creations have been geared toward the canine world.

More recently, 2014, my attentions have focused on what I think of as leather jewelry, and I have found a lot of satisfaction in the potential there. The possibilities are many and exciting. I had quite a bit of enjoyment as a youth working in metal and am intrigued by the conflating of the two. 

I am a custom leatherworker whose work is done by hand, primarily using traditional hand tools, giving attention to the many small details that go into making a unique and quality product.
I truly do take pride in my leatherwork and desire that my customers and their dogs can wear my work with pride.

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